viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

A stairs case

I took my head in my hands and thought. There must be some way of reading this riddle. What did Scudder mean by steps? I thought of dock steps, but if he had meant that I didn’t think he would have mentioned the number. It must be some place where there several satircases, and one marked out from the others by having thirty-nine steps.

But if it was a little port I couldn’t see what the steps signified. Ther were no sets of staircases on any harbour that I had ever seen. It must be some place with a particular staircase identified, and where (...). On the whole it seemed to me that the place must be a (...). But the staircases kept puzzling me.

Extracto del capítulo IX The Thirty-Nine Steps, de la obra de John Buchan The 39 Steps, tomado de la edición realizada en 2011 por Penguin Books en su colección Pocket Penguin Classic (pág. 124), de la hemeroteca del autor.
Fotografía de una escalera interior, en el antiguo edificio de Tabacalera, en Valencia, en agosto de 2013, del autor, en la cual, en el tramo que habitualmente utiliza éste, el total de escalones es de treinta y… tres.

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